What is the aim behind Mount Litera Zee Schools Education?
     To help students realize their unique potential. The philosophy and approach is based on belief that every
     child is unique and has his own learning style.

   How is Mount Litera Zee Schools different and how is it helpful for my child?
   The methodology adopted is through the Litera Octave approach, teaching is learner centric and the
      lessons are integrated with Multimedia presentations for each topic.
   Technology integrated into curriculum.
   Emphasis on experimental learning that encourages higher level thinking-creative, diverse
      and imaginative.
   Apt resources like:
      Fully networked educational environmentLearning Resource Centre in the form of Math lab, Gen science
         lab, Lang lab ,SS lab and Computer Lab .
      Extensive Library Resources
      Internet Access in all classroom.
      Sports Education Partnered with Edusports.
   The classroom environment is both cooperative and collaborative which is conducive to each child,
      helping him/her learn at his /her pace.
   Collaborative learning community.
   Safe and caring learning environment for students.
   An inclusive educational setting with a focus on early interventions.
   Strong Parental involvement.

   What board is the school affiliated to?
     The Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi

   The CBSE syllabus is presented in a scientific manner. The entire syllabus is divided into units and every
     unit is allotted the number of periods required and also the weightage of marks it will carry in the
     examination. Thus, the teacher and student can plan the study of the various segments of the
     syllabus accordingly.
   It is a myth that CBSE is not well recognized all over the world. CBSE has in recent years been very
     proactive in devising new courses that are academic with a vocational slant. It is responsive to the needs
     of a dynamically changing pedagogical scenario. The NCERT connection makes it a very pro-active
     education board and not just an examining body.
   CBSE has well-networked state and national level sports activities.

   What is the quality of the teachers in your School?
     Our staff is selected on the basis of their educational qualifications, relevant experience, and their
     attitude towards learning & learners. They have a firm belief in our stated aim.
   The teachers are trained over 3 levels, annually.
   Teachers are oriented towards Litera Octave Pedagogy.
   Mentors are identified and trained to be master trainers. The Mentors will be able to effectively review and
     guide other team members.

   What are the co-Curricular & Extracurricular activities?
   Co-curricular activities, which are part of the curriculum and are graded, will be tailored to meet the needs
     of every child.
   Co-curricular activities will be held during school hours and Extra curricular activities will take place after
     school hours.
   Co-curricular activities, which are part of the curriculum and are graded, will be tailored to meet the
     needs of every child. Example: Art & Craft, Games, SUPW etc.
   Every child opts for 2 Extra curricular activities, the performance of which will reflect in the Report
     cards/Certificates they receive at the end of the year. At the end of the year every child will have a
     Certificate to his credit.

   Do activities /Co Curricular activities charged separately?
     No extra charges for the co curricular activities. (Included in the fees). The after school programmes are
     charged separately based on the choice of activity.

   What is the assessment process in Mount Litera Zee Schools?
   The academic year will be divided in to Units and Terms. (Units are divided into Cycles).
   Every Unit will carry 60% weightage and will be continuous and comprehensive Example: Class tests,
     Projects, Assignments, Home Work.
   Every Terminal Examination will carry 40% weightage.
   Ritical difference here is 2/3rd of the paper will carry full marks.

   How is discipline enforced in the school?
     The students are corrected and not punished. Child centric measures are adopted, the teachers and other
     adults are trained to be proactive and find solutions along with the children. No corporal punishment
     is permitted.

   What if my child is not a self-directed learner?
     We teach the child the way he/she learns. Our teaching methodology addresses all types of learners the
     average, above-average and below-average. Children are given tasks and assignments based on their
     learning capacity. We also have special Language and Math Labs to ensure that children learn through
     practical experience. This, which helps them retain the information and form a strong foundation.

   What happens to NRI/Overseas students who do not know Hindi/Sanskrit?
     They have the option of taking French as their language.

   What are the languages taught in the school?
     English, Hindi, Kannada.

   Does the school admit students mid year?
     Yes, depending upon the situation.

   Where can I get information on Internet about Mount Litera Zee School, Bangalore?

   Are there any exams/interviews for the admission process?
     Students may be granted admission based on their previous school records / Merit for grade I and II ,
     admission test will be conducted for grade III and above in English and Math. On conclusion of
     Admission Test, all students will be called up for personal interaction. Both the parents of the
     child should be present at the time of personal interaction.

   School Timings?
     Generally from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

   Admission Process
     The admission process will commence with registration of students and terminate with
     payment of school fees.

   Are students provided with counseling and career guidance?

   Parents Teacher Meet (PTM)
   Open forums - Discussions happen about current issues
   Seminars Two seminars will be conducted in every school facilitated by ZILS.
   PTM - 3 times in a year.
   Open house At the end of every term.

   Contact numbers at Mount Litera Zee School South Bangalore
     080-65468341/ 9008556161